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Message and Pictures sent!!

Here are some Authentic Examples of Angus, Bon, Cliff and even 1 for Phil...…..

Please "Be Careful" who you listen too...…..

I have no issues with these at all. The exemplars’ just have a different feel. Personally now i’m torn. Tim, no doubt you know better than me

If you Notice Phil in the middle picture, it matches the one up top. BTW: I've owned each one of these, at some time and know they are Authentic....

Here is a copy of my signed Powerage album

Daniel, I use to own that Powerage LP too. The 4 Sigs on the inside, are as about as Good as you will find from the 70's. Great to see it again.

Its a great piece, Tim and I am happy to own it.  I think we discussed before but I am still struggling with the proper framing/matting.


Daniel, I had the same Issues when I was trying to Frame it. Eventually, that is what led to me letting it go. I just wished that Angus had signed it on the inside too, as they are some incredibly nice Sigs.


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