I’m intrigued by this Al Pacino Private Signing event from Fiterman Sports.

I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Fiterman Sports and can vouch for them at all. I haven’t been able to find out an awful lot about them. The original cut off for mail in items was 30th Nov so it looks like it’s been pushed out for whatever reason. I guess I just want peace of mind as it will be quite the investment getting anything over to the UK once you add custom costs to the amount!

Any input appreciated :)

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maybe you could find some more on racc facebook...i did order 2 autographed photo's from celebrity authentics with really great prices and still open to order but will end soon. hope this helps.

Thank you, I will check them out!

I would be very careful with Celebrity Authentics. I would avoid them. 

Thank you Steve. Are you familiar with Fiterman Sports at all by any chance?

first time that i have to be careful with them ''what is the reason you think there could be something wrong?'' i did order 2 pacino's so not so happy with your warning because you have to know something that others don't know. very curious about your answer.

Their entire sports department (Gridiron Authentics) went bust after they for outed for forgeries several years ago. The company has also been criticized both for their absurd waits/delays on private signings (sometimes holding purchasers' money for years at a time). Others have raised questions about the authenticity of items, even those for which a private signing was actually conducted. And their pricing has never been the best.

Odds are you'll probably be fine, but this company has a bit of an uneven history, and that's probably putting it generously. I'm actually a bit shocked they're still as highly regarded as they are.

i always thought when this company doing it all wrong than where should i go? high priced beckett opinions? psa jsa etc?". i payed a high amount of money to a other company but because of covid it will take much much longer for getting your items so these things happens and that i understand. hope it all will end good for me and others.


Celebrity Authentics has been discussed here a lot over the years. They have a reputation for having private signings and then selling autographs that don't look real according to those who know them well. Harrison Ford was one of them.

They once had a signing company called Gridiron Sports, that similarly had private signings but sold a lot of pieces that were likely not genuine.

Pete Chuka has written about them a few times. Here's a link to a reply he made in a discussion. There are entire posts about them here.

The advertisement says that JSA will be witnessing the Al Pacino private signing with Fiterman Sports Group.  If that is true, I would not be very concerned.  I considered sending in a Serpico original press photo, but I would like to have it personalized, and they are not allowing inscriptions.  I also disagree about Celebrity Authentics.  I have not had any issues with that company, and I have purchased a few items from them in the past, although I did not purchase a Harrison Ford autograph.  Too expensive.

Thanks Mike. Yes there’s probably no need for me to be concerned. I guess I was torn between going ahead with this signing or being able to basically choose an exact autograph I like from eBay from one of Pacino’s previous private signings!

glad to read that about celebrity authentics because that did not feel good to me. honestly i can't find anything wrong at their site. 



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