Hiya all…

Any opinions would be appreciated on this Alan Rickman signature please. It looks close but I lose confidence in the middle of “Rickman”. Also a Beckett quick review comes back as a fail but I know that’s not always reliable.

Many thanks in advance as always 



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I don't like it

Thank you for your speedy reply Dan. I agree…it’s not something I feel confident in. I suppose I was drawn into hoping it was right but inevitably it’s all about the ink.



Hi Mark, good to be wary as he signed very few Harry Potter items and your gut feeling is the same as mine, lacks the flow. Is this being sold on eBay or at auction?

It was offered for sale at a UK auction house. My daughter is a Harry Potter collector. She bid on it and won but no payment has been made yet. As soon as I saw it I thought it had issues so I submitted a Beckett quick review request. It failed their cursory inspection so my next port of call was here as I know I’ll get honest opinions that have never failed me yet. 

I have emailed Chaucer with my concerns. I’ll update here with their response. Whatever they say payment will be witheld.



Good attempt but no,I do not think  it is real. R is off. 

Thanks for taking a look Sara



Hi Mark, signed photo of Snape by Alan is very very very rare piece. I met Alan a few times and I asked about it, he was not so much thrilled that this role is getting so much attention and was not happy to talk about it. He signed those photos on 1 and 2. premiere of HP. Very rarely after that. He apologized to me for not signing HP and promised to do so when the circus calms down. Unfortunately, then he died. :-(

This is not genuine imo but its a passable attempt

Not signed by Alan.



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