I’m getting ready to frame my group signed With the Beatles album soon and would welcome input. It will be done with archival materials and Tru Vue Museum glass. I’m not planning on including a plaque or a lot of embellishment. Probably just a nice clean frame and matting. I bought another With the Beatles similar vintage album because I think it would be nice to display the front of the cover alongside the signed back. I love the front cover image. It’s so iconic. Do I frame them side by side (vs vertical) in the same frame and if so, in the same matting window or two separate matting windows? Alternatively, perhaps I may frame each separately, and hang them side by side. I’m also not sure of the best way to mount the album cover. I don’t want to use any adhesive to hold the cover in place. I often see the edge of the cover/sleeve covered by the matting (which will hold the cover in place or hide the photo corners which are holding it in place). However , I think I prefer the appearance of the whole cover showing, edges and all. But if you do that, how do you hold the cover in place (without adhesive)? Use photo corners that will also be visible? Anyone have suggestions on format, style or method or do you have examples to show that you really like?730FAFA7-28F6-4DDD-B0D0-3C5097BD6C4E.jpeg8A2F5019-FF78-4E6F-A547-2DC79759A319.jpeg

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would do it next to each outher in one frame but two windows

Regarding display of the LP, I worked with a framer once with a signed 45; I told her "no glue" or anything that might alter the original condition. She devised a simple solution of creating a 45 adapter with matting filling the center hole, which held the record in suspension, giving the impression it was floating. I almost asked her to marry me it was so beautiful. (Also, do NOT frame the LP, if it's still with the album, as the vinyl will weigh the cover down and perhaps cause matting trouble down the road with the display.)

Now, regarding displaying the album, a signed Beatles LP is one of the ultimate rock & roll items to own, a cornerstone to any collection. I agree with you, not much is needed, when framed, as your LP will scream with cool. Because you have the duplicate cover, I'd frame them together horizontally, side-by-side, in simple elegance. Here's a link to a signed U.K. HDN framed in similar fashion. Whatever you do, please share when finished.


Used  acid free material....UV glass...& make sure you keep a space between the album cover and the glass...make sure they never touch....looking forward to seeing the finished product!!!

Anodized aluminum frames never outgass like wood...oak is the worst. Wood also holds tremendous amounts of water...and those "finishes"...

Thank, everyone, for the great advice!

As promised, here’s the final framed presentation of my most treasured item, my group-signed “With The Beatles”. I’m very happy with it. I wanted to keep it simple, with the attention focused on the album, as some of you suggested. I also didn’t want to have all the outer edges covered up. That made it more challenging to hold in place since you don’t want adhere the album to hold it in place (obviously). Experimented with plastic corner tabs but it didn’t look good to me. So, we surrounded it with a black matting that was thinner than the album cover, thereby still having some visible 3 dimensionality to the album edges. That keeps if from sliding around. Then used angles black corner pieces (emerging from underneath the surrounding, slightly elevated matting) to keep it held down. It looks very nice and clean in person. 

I feel very blessed to be the steward of this wonderful piece. 

Awesome. Absolutely beautiful. Glad you did the side-by-side as it's so powerful, near perfect. The black trim perfectly compliments the cover photo. Congrats!

Beautiful, tasteful. Congratulations! :)

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Very, very nice. :-)

Nice job....looks great!!!

Thanks, everyone. 



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