I was bidding on an album and it appears that it has been glued to the matting and the 1/4 " backing of the frame. 

1. How much does this devalue album if any

2. Is there a way to remove and fix this?

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if this the itiem I would leave it how it is

Its glued to the back and matting.  You dont think it hurts the value?

yes but just leave it as it is keep it all in thast frame

What is the value?

Does anyone have an idea of what this album would be worth stock to the back and the matting

While the matting process was messed up, I think its pretty awesome.

You know what gets me is it appears to be professionally matted. They should have known better than to glue it. Although, with that said, it is a dandy presentation and I would leave it "as-is".

It wouldnt be a difficult restore , I mean how many times do single sleeve record jackets come apart then with a bit of glue..

Agreed.  I have done that myself and it turned out virtually undetectable. 

Always amazed at how many of these framers are out there, Joe.

I would simply avoid - big, cumbersome and glued. :(




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