I was bidding on an album and it appears that it has been glued to the matting and the 1/4 " backing of the frame. 

1. How much does this devalue album if any

2. Is there a way to remove and fix this?

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Who signed the album


It will be as good as stuffed.

It would be needed to sent to a proffessinal restorer. This is the risk of buying framed items , framers can be ruthless, they see a poster and they want to glue it down. We should call them adhesive world framers. Devalued the item defenitly 

Professional restorer? How much is that? 

Its a full signed album. How much did it kill it 

Post a pic of it.

You could always return it to the seller.

Paul, I didn't buy it yet because of it being glued down.

I sent u a pm. Can send video as well.

minium off 200$ and up depends what he has to do.

totaly devalus the album

try sending it to a restorer or use a blow dryer

How much is it devalued?  50% or what?  If the autographs are good, wouldn’t it still be desirable?

depends need to see itiem and what band 

but yes 50% is a start same personilation if u try to resell its devalued

Even if its restored? Or is it like a salvage titled car




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