I'll try to keep this from being tl;dr, but there's a story.

My daughter, now a college junior, flipped over the guy when she was too little to be flipping over guys. We saw an advertisement for the upcoming series Moonlight, and she proclaimed that we were going to watch it. And we did...and Three Rivers...and Hawaii Five-Oh. The word "cute" was used to describe him, a terrifying thing for a father to hear from a small red-headed daughter.

One day in early 2011 I tripped over the H50 production office's address (don't remember how anymore), and after confirming it was a legit address, decided to take a shot the way we used to back in the days before autograph shows. I sent a letter, two photos of Mick St. James (vampire character on Moonlight), and pre-paid priority mail envelope, asking him to please pick one and sign it to the girl.

For a while, I checked my business box hoping to see it, but I admit after a few months I kinda forgot about it. Over a year later, I got a priority mail envelope with my handwriting on it, and once I realized what it could be I literally shook like a five-year-old as I opened it to find both photographs inscribed to her. Her 14th birthday was something to behold, let me tell you...

Reality is, these are either genuine or secretarials. Admittedly they have already for a brief shining moment back in 2012 made me the best father in the world, but I'd like opinions on whether you folks think they are genuine. (And side note, note the one is a poster-child for a poor-contrast autograph.)

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Quick bump to see if anyone has any opinion on these autographs.



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