This is "Part 4" of exposing GFA-certed Muhammad Ali forgeries on Ebay.

The first three parts are immediately below.

Since Ali's passing, we've seen thousands of dollars in GFA-certed (Stephen Rocchi) Muhammad Ali forgeries listed and sold on Ebay.

Ali's body is still warm and the vultures can't wait to sell their Ali forgeries to the wannabe autograph collectors, impulse buyers and suckers on Ebay.

Forgeries are an easy sell on Ebay, since Ebay is so heavily-populated with suckers, wannabe autograph collectors and impulse buyers.

These are listed and sold by the usual Ebay sellers (Ebay seller Rbisportsinc, Ebay seller Pan4life14, Ebay seller Gofsu2010 and others) of GFA-certed forgeries.

Let's look at the image that shows the Beatles with Ali's forgery.

Click on each image section to get a closer view.

Sold Listings so far:

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