Shawn from AliAutos just updated his website!

Come check out it out!

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This is good news. Glad to see Shawn back in action. He needs to charge more than $5 for his quick opinion service. 

I agree with you, Steve.

Best site for Ali autographs.

Don't say that, I use him occasionally as a second opinion. It's just a yay or nay and some boxing experts/dealers will tell you for free 

If you're that good, then you obviously don't need Shawn's service.

You think experts don't consult with other dealers/authenticators for opinions?

Harry Schaffer stopped authenticating Ali autographs because they were becoming too hard to authenticate--it's all opinions at the end of the day.

Like I said, I use him as an educated second opinion but a Craig Hamilton will tell you for free so will other boxing collectors/dealers.

I am not against him charging, he has to make a living. Just don't encourage a price increase for no reason, thanks 

I don’t mind compensating professionals fairly for many thousands of hours of study and research. Sure, it may only take one minute to render an opinion… But that’s based on many years of experience in studying. There’s value to that in my opinion.

With free opinions, sometimes you get exactly what you pay for.

Whatever works for you… But I like supporting independent specialized authenticators. Of course I’m biased in that area. :-)

I agree, Steve.

Although I have never charged a dime for the thousands of opinions I have given over the years, I agree with your comment.

I agree Steve.  I trust specialized authenticators over the ones that are "jacks of all, master of none".  Not sure what is concerning about a Yay or Nay opinion from an expert.

Sorry no. An opinion doesn't suddenly become superior because one was paid a small fee for. 

Shawn, Mark Ogren, Craig, Steve Jackson etc...their educated opinions are all the same, whether they decide to charge you for saying "looks genuine/not good" or not. 

I also agree that he should be charging more than $5.00.

agreed this is a great site.



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