I actually found an example online of this same "All in the Family" TV cast-signed photo with similar signatures.  Unfortunately, the other example was not from a well-known seller and neither looked similar to likely authentic examples I could find. Suspect both may be from the same source but not authentic.

  • Carroll O'Connor
  • Jean Stapleton
  • Sally Struthers
  • Rob Reiner

Appreciate your comments on the four signatures. Thank you.

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In my humble opinion, not real. Sorry beardog1.

Thank you David.  I could not find any examples that made me feel this was authentic so I am not surprised.  However, it helps bring closure to this one so I can remove it from my collection and move on.  Appreciate you taking a look and sharing your comments as always.

When I see these AITF cast signed photos I immediately look at O’Connor. He’s the dead giveaway. In my experienced opinion this photo is not legitimate.

Thank you Doctor Loomis.  Seems like a good place to start. The "C" in both Carroll and O'Connor looked off to me based on comparisons to likely authentic exemplars.  I also found several examples where three signed but he was missing.  Appreciate you sharing your opinion and helpful tips.  I am learning every day.  

Agree with others. Likely not authentic. Close... but formation and feel is off.

AITF cast photos are uncommon and examples with no personalizations are exceedingly uncommon and should be examined with skepticism.

Thank you Steve.  I watched your recent video about buying on eBay and this seemed to check most of the red flags you shared.  I spent a lot of time evaluating formation of letters (which seemed close but with some concerns) and not enough focus on signing habits like scarcity of complete cast items and no inscriptions.  I appreciate you taking a look and sharing your knowledge.



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