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Did you open the CD and look where the booklet was? The signed art card is inside the hidden pocket with the booklet. It is not signed on the cover.

Yes. It was not signed. In fact the cd was in its original wrapper.

Please keep us updated. I havent heard of anyone else having a problem. Im keeping one sealed for my daughter but will open it if there is any question that it may not be there

I just received my cd today and also did not receive any signed art card or signed anything and carefully looked through each page and every compartment possible.  It also said “sig” on the bar code.  Definite rip off and just wrote the customer service department expressing my displeasure.  

I opened the one stashed away for my daughter just to be sure. It was in there right next to the booklet where it should be. I wasnt going to risk her opening it in 20 years to no autograph. 

I have just checked mine after seeing that so many of you have issues with it. It came with the signed card fortunately, and the CD has both the sig bar code as well as the round .SIG stickers.

I just received and opened mine as well and no signed card or anything. I checked every little compartment and page… nothing. I’m glad this wasn’t one I was absolutely dying for but I’m still getting my damn money back after contacting customer support. 

I’m sure most have noticed but this is similar to what’s going on under the Tori Amos thread.

Sales for both websites (Tori’s own store and Decca for AWL) were handled by “Digital Stores” per fine print and billing.

It seems that their process involves putting 2 stickers on the final product- the barcode with “sig” noted, and a round .SIG sticker. 

My AWLs came with both stickers and were signed. My Tori’s came with only the barcode sticker and were unsigned. From what I can tell, if they didn’t get both stickers, there’s no card inside. (Please post if not the case!)

Just FYI on all this- I’m not certain but if true, it may help with refund process (save wrapper). I was asked for a picture of product in dealing with Tori refund. 

Received mine too, no Signature anywhere to be found.  Mine had the same "SIG" stickers, although I do not have them anymore, but have all my "receipts" to show it was to be signed.

They may not refund if you cannot provide the stickers/UPC label.  It's a common scam from some out there to receive autographed items and then claim "I didn't get it!", just so you're prepared.

I got mine today and after reading all of this I was convinced I was not getting the card so I made a video of the opening of the parcel and the cd. But it was in there and was signed in silver sharpie.

Probably a good idea at this point.

I understand the likelihood of scams on the part of buyers in this scenario and so I kept all the packaging and everything once I realized I didn’t have the cards.

I get that they want some sort of proof and I sent photos of what I had. But at the end of the day, it’s a $14.99 item and I can’t prove a negative. They need to correct it. 



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