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Yes I got mine yesterday (U.K.)  it’s a signed art card NOT signed cd cover which is what they were advertising 

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Thanks, hopefully they will arrive soon here in the U.S. They did advertise signed CDs but $20 for Lord Webber isn’t too bad.

It looks very nice, full name, not just "Andrew", and in gold. Got mine a few days ago and just opened the package now.

I have the SIG sticker, and the CD cover is not signed, was the art card inside?

Just want to make sure before I open the wrapping.


This is showing back in stock (was showing out of stock a few days ago) 


My signed cd finally arrived

Mine arrived today too. For the life of me I couldn’t locate the signed card but finally found it tucked all the way in the back. I love the gold signature, I received a silver signature.

Both of mine came today. They came with a sticker on back saying SIG.. I opened one and there is an insert signed in gold inside the pocket with the booklet. Im going to leave the other sealed for 20 years, eventually giving it to my daughter to open with a ton of others. I do like the gold signature but I think I would be equally as happy with the silver. 

I have a 2 year old daughter and I like your idea. I may have to do that too. At first I had wished I got a gold signature but the silver shows up very well on the gold on top.

mine shipped but havent received it yet.

Awesome! My daughter will be 2 in a couple months. We are saving for her in the traditional ways as well but when she gets married or graduates, I think something physical to give, something that shows you kept her in mind throughout her entire childhood, will be a completely different gift than just giving money.

Got mine today as well, nice gold signature but silver would have been fine too as gold blends in a bit

just received mine, and it was not signed.  rip off


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