To the untrained eye this looks like a phenomenal Andy Griffith signed photo. Experienced Griffith collectors know that signed photos of him in his sheriff’s uniform are virtually unheard of. They also know most legit signed photos are personalized. Elite Griffith collectors know this photo is not genuine….but rather a stamped publicity photo. How do I know? Because I’m holding one in the photo. 

Someone is about to lose a few hundred bucks.

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I just sent this to the seller. We shall see if they have integrity or not.

We discussed this about a month ago. It is an obvious facsimile.

Not Andy Griffith

Image 11 - ANDY GRIFFITH ACTOR/AUTOGRAPHED 5" x 7" Original Sepia PHOTO- Sheriff Mayberry

Correct. I’ve known about this photo for about ten years. It looks incredible…. But it ain’t real.

I respectfully disagree - it looks exactly like what it is. This is about the quality of the original Star Trek fan club photos - poor. I would hope anyone with even a small modicum of knowledge will be able to easily spot this for what it is - facsimile. 

I must disagree with you. This photo is not easily identified as a print…. Evidence being that it’s at $100 right now and will bring even more. Someone will be scammed.

Well, one can easily see what it is just from these scans and photographs.

I believe this Autopen below has caused more trouble on a regular basis:

The Griffith only has 3 bidders. Two delusional and perhaps one shill.

Seller now has a few to look at and has been reported as well FWIW.

I think the R.O. Linke "Griffith's" have caused much more harm and confusion than the stamps as they are hand signed.

This stamped Griffith has been removed from eBay. :)

David, Leonard Nimoy used the same stamp for nearly 30 years - how about Andy? Are there others you can add to this thread? That would be great.

Eric, I will throw down my few exemplars and in person items…..some or all have been used in earlier Doctor Loomis's posts.



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