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This is a 11x14 photograph of Pete Townshend of the Who.  Autographed and authenticated by PSA DNA.  My gut says it is real but I would like opinions please.

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Hi Nicholas,

What is the source on this one?

I would look for something where the "ownshend" starts further right, disconnected from the T. That's much more typical when looking at fuller sigs from him.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Primetimesignatures08 was the source Mr. Steffman

The owner's name is Charles out of New York. His reputation amongst serious IP collectors is strong and I've never seen them list anything questionable-looking. I'd definitely recommend them as a trusted source.

I'd still be picky and maintain my suggestion about the separation of ownshend from the T, but in terms of being legitimate, I'm extremely confident in it/them.

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