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i did look at your autographs that you posted and wondering what you like to know?. from what i see these fast scribbles doesn't look good and think it's the intention to foul people who are interested of buying. and when all these scribbles are real who can possible certify them?. just my thoughts.

I would not call these scribbles. More than enough to work with. There is a LOT more here than many a recent celebrity "signature".

david lewis did post a other 10 autographs and did comment on these in total. and yes the 2 hopkins could do but don't like them.

Eric, Thanks for taking a look. My collection of 40+ years may not be the prettiest or the best, but to the best of my knowledge they are real. I just need any knowledgeable eyes on them before spending money for 3rd party authentication to sell at a later date…..It is surprising the lack of opinions for real autographs from Hollywood. I the last month I posted Hattie McDaniel, Ward Bond, Carry Grant, Hedy Lamarr, teen-age Natalie Wood, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, and not a single opinion. I hoped for better from this community.

I have never needed third party opinions to sell my autographs. I have never had a return for any reason in about 20+ years. I hate them GD stickers.

Eric, Most of mine get the letters, the others get the stickers on the back. I would use the 3rd party authentication to get the best price possible. Also keeps buyers from claiming a fake, then they try to get their money back from PayPal and still keep your item. This happened to a couple of my friends who sold on eBay.

rob, I posted these autographs in "Is This Autograph Real", that is what I want to know…..your opinion. It is all about the ink. There are a lot of similar characteristics in the two I posted. You don't like on the street fast scribbles, I can understand that. Would you mind posting slow scribbles you like from 30 years ago. By the way, I said nothing of selling anything. The third party authentication companies who might have a larger exemplar library then you or I, might have exemplars of fast scribbles.   My thanks for your opinion.

but from who you have these autographs? and when you trust that person that should be enough i think. a friend of my is a in person autograph collector and she did met ''just for example'' ethan hawke in london and he gave the most perfect autograph you could wish and the one you posted is hardly recognized as the real deal and never saw a other one like that. so that's why i have doubts about authenticity. curious about your answer.

I met Hawke, a nice and pretty guy.

rob, The Hawke was collected 2/27/2005 LAX. The Two Hopkin's autographs were bought from UACC dealers at a UACC autograph show in the early to mid 80's that come to Northern Virginia back in the day. Herman Darvic, Edward Bomsey….etc.

I think the lack of response on your other posts might be due to how the site is organized. I find myself checking the home page for recent posts and looking at those, not going into various sections or topics. I think others tend to do the same.

If your most recent post gets pushed down on the list by some active thread then it is off people's radar.

I have also posted threads that got no replies....

Jk, Thanks for the input. Like I said, I am asking for opinions on items in my collection…If you have a thought on the validity of an autograph of mine, you won't hurt my feelings, and I don't melt.…..and your points are valid. My Thanks.



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