Hello! I'm pretty new at the autograph collecting thing, and I was planning on picking up an autograph or two of my favorite stars. Aplusgraphs on eBay sells autographs for the right celebrity I'm looking for, but I don't know if he's a real, authentic dealer? I'm leaning towards that he's ok, but I would like an opinion or two before I actually buy from him. I want to spend my money on an authentic autograph. Not a fake. I'd really appreciate some thoughts and/or if you've dealt with him and the autographs he sells before? Thank you! :)

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Anthony Risi has been a highly respected NY-based in-person collector for many years. I think you can buy from him with confidence.

When you're buying autographs, genuine ones signed on the street can sometimes be hard to authenticate. That can make them hard for you to sell someday, so I suggest avoiding those. Make sure the autograph isn't only real, but that it looks real.

Thank you!

Years ago when I went into NYC to collect, Anthony was always there. I have bought material from him in the past and will do so again. Ebay is chock full of forgers and autograph sellers that have never once been in the streets collecting, the small handful of actual authentic autograph sellers should be applauded and supported. Aplusgraphs/Anthony Risi is among those sellers that you should feel confident dealing with. 

Thanks!! I appreciate it! That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure!

+1 from me on this.

He's completely the real deal, the majority of autographs I own are from him and he's given me some great deals. He always comes through, great customer service and always very helpful. Trust him 100%!

Thank you!!! I will! :)

Risi is one of the top 10 graphers in history in terms of overall graphs obtained in person. He started collecting full-time back in the '80s and has maintained his daily collecting through today. Highly reputable, and a very nice guy as well.

Regardless of how great a source is though, I usually recommend buyers ask for opinions on individual items for some additional confidence as well.

Thank you!!! I ended up getting the autograph. He was selling a Shailene Woodley one that I was interested in. :)



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