"Dear Jared

Becket is run by Steve Grad if Psa, hobbyist certifies. My cert is from AAU, court certified, board certified forensic document experts.
I will ask Marc Goldman, president of AAU your number.
Thank you
Toby Stoffa
Antiquities "

How would you feel when your signature was kicked from an auction because PSA deemed it unauthentic and then got this from the seller.  I know they have got a horrible reputation but I thought they would honor their return policy, posted all over there site and business documents....but clearly they do not.  Please do not bash me for purchasing from this group, I know that is on me!  
However any advise of what I could do, other then eating the money I spent on it please feel free to comment. 

Also opinions of the signature are much appreciated!

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Here's an "excellent" Tim Buckley piece from Antiquities in which the signature doesn't even have his name spelled correctly. It was authenticated by GFA.


They charge extra for that 

Ha ha.

Jared, have you contacted someone who can date that type font? :)

Jared, if you could show the type font used on that typewriter was created after the date of the letter/signature there would be little else to discuss (apart from extracting your refund).

I've used this idea very effectively several times in the past but my go to guy has gone :(

2 suggestion try contacting Simons mall. They run the mall and lease them the space and are one of the biggest mall owners in America and try contacting ceasars as it's called Cesar's from shops tell them the tv station would like comments about fraud in there mall

Jared  I am so sorry you are having this experince.

I've "known" Toby Stoffa for probably 20 years through her Vegas store but I've never done business with her and never will.

Her response letter to you is oh-so-typical. It's the old adage of the best defenceis a good offence. Threaten - name call - belittle - distract and then write the word "lawyer" For what it's worth it's her company form letter. She's got a drawer full of those letters word for word. Only the recipients name & address change each time she sends one out. Plain and simple it's called attack mode.

You see Toby has had to do it so often that she has the routine down pat. The content of her letter has been polished and re-polished through so many mailings that the recipient (you this time around) are left dazed & confused. And that's her plan. She's not defending her virtuous business practices - she's deflecting from her wicked ways.

I was in her shop two weeks ago. I asked a staffer if she was in - she was but I was told she was busy in the back office. Lucky me eh?





Here's a link to Chris Williams's Sept. 2016 37-page discussion on Daniel Odobas's lawsuit against Antiquities of Nevada, AAU, GFA and their owners:

Antiquities Caesars Palace, GFA/Stephen Rocchi and AAU/Drew Max Sue...

Here's a copy of Daniel Odobas's complaint (lawsuit filing document).

Fascinating reading. It says: "Between July 18, 2014 and April 30, 2015, Odobas purchased a total of thirty-three (33) suspect items from Antiquities for a total price of $171,900.00."

According to the lawsuit's complaint, 16 of the 33 signed items were authenticated by Autograph Authentication Unlimited (AAU) and determined to be genuine. All but a few of the other ones were authenticated by GFA. Some were just authenticated by Antiquities.

Daniel Odobas Lawsuit Against Antiquities of Nevada, Autograph Auth...

Rick Meyer visited a company in Dallas, TX, that was selling "autographs" through the military exchange to soldiers, veterans, and their families.

Hopefully Rick will be kind enough to tell you about the AAU COAs and certifications he saw when he was there. I'll drop him a note.

Sure Steve,

Back in early 2011 prior to being a member here I saw a company selling autographs through the military exchange. Company was named Always At Auction at the time. Majority were classic baseball. Mantles, DiMaggios, Williams, Koufax, Mays, Mohammed Ali’s etc. after looking at these auctions I knew these were forgeries. All came with COA’s. I wrote the AAFES customer service and HQs about these asking how they could let this company rip op service members with these horribly forgeries.

The very next morning I got a call from the owner of the auction name John House who tried his best to act as a customer service rep and went through tall these authenticators and that I must be mistaken. I kept on him that they were forgeries and he got mad and said things like anybody can say these things over the internet blah, blah, blah. Told him I would say it to his face just the same. He offered to buy me a ticket to do it. I accepted. He actually bought one and I flew out there to tell him.

once I got there I told him I thought everything he sold was a forgery. He took me into a sloppy warehouse where there was probably between 100,000-200,000 forgeries. Most 5x7 and 8x10’s. All inkjet printed photos. The floor was strewn with some of these as well as thousands of coa’s from STAT, TTA, AAU some Burczyk white labels, there where also sheets of stickers that matched the coa’s that had to be affixed to the photos. The warehouse was nothing like I had ever seen. I was shocked to the large operation they had. John continually tried to convince me these were authentic with the Scoreboard inventory stories and trailers being bought during their bankruptcy. He tried hard to get me to buy off on this and endorse these items making references like he would put me on the payroll or give me free items that I could sell in my own etc. I told him I wasn’t interested and didn’t want a single thing from this warehouse and that he was the one being fooled. All the junk was fake just like I said in my email. After a while if this and his not being able to convince me he was ready for me to leave. Told him to call me a cab and I will head back to AZ. Which I did. Then I found this site and told Steve Cyrkin all about it. I continued pestering AAFES and those who I saw buying this stuff letting them know they were cheated.


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