"Dear Jared

Becket is run by Steve Grad if Psa, hobbyist certifies. My cert is from AAU, court certified, board certified forensic document experts.
I will ask Marc Goldman, president of AAU your number.
Thank you
Toby Stoffa
Antiquities "

How would you feel when your signature was kicked from an auction because PSA deemed it unauthentic and then got this from the seller.  I know they have got a horrible reputation but I thought they would honor their return policy, posted all over there site and business documents....but clearly they do not.  Please do not bash me for purchasing from this group, I know that is on me!  
However any advise of what I could do, other then eating the money I spent on it please feel free to comment. 

Also opinions of the signature are much appreciated!

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Thanks, Rick.

That John House invited you to his facility and gave you free range is an indication of what pushovers he must have thought soldiers were. 

Like you mentioned, all the signed photos you saw were inkjet printed: Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and so many other 500 Homerun ballplayers, Muhammad Ali, and more.

House claimed that they were from tractor trailer truckloads of signed photos purchased out of the bankruptcy of Scoreboard back in the 1990s. Not only did Ken Goldin, who's dad owned Scoreboard, tell us that there were virtually no Mantles left when they went BK. Ken connected me with their printer, who told me that Scoreboard didn't buy inkjet photos from them. So House's story was impossible right there. 

But wait, there's more. The photos that Always At Auction used were signed on were desktop-type inkjet printed photos, not commercial ones, which didn't come out until August or September 1995. Mickey Mantle died in August 1995 and was dying an agonizing death from cancer. He hadn't signed for months before his death. Some of these photos we found were signed on paper that didn't exist until 2004 or later.

You'd think a forensic document examiner's "scientific methods" would include determining if the autograph could have been signed on the photo it was signed on.

How many thousands of soldiers, veterans and their families were victimized by House and his authenticators? I remember the heartbreaking story of a soldier stationed in Afghanistan who was a member here. He'd go out on patrol, where any day he could lose a leg or his life.

He'd use the Military Exchange credit card that he was given to buy autographs at auction to relieve fear and stress, calm down, and someday make money on them because the autographs were represented as being sold at special bargain prices for soldiers. The day he found out he was sold nothing but forgeries capped a week where the guard tower he was stationed in was blown out from under him. Autographs "authenticated" by AAU, TTA, Christopher Morales and others of similar ilk.

Traitors, plain and simple.

Yeah, he thought the AAFES brand and his forensic document examiner explanation. Same one Toby Stiffa uses would be enough. They must have a night school for those type of dealers to teach them all the same thing.

He thought he was a bully. Just a big con man. Definitely had no conscience and knew full well all those tins of autographsst that AAU and others authenticated were forgeries. He didn’t care that he was ripping off servicemembers or anybody else. Glad his auction house went out of business. Couldn’t of happened to better guy.

please contact the mall directly .im sure they wont be hapopy

No chance this is authentic. I’ve seen a lot of the mob folks and Howard Hughes autographed they have. Toby Stoffa is a lying crook. She has never owned an authentic autograph of any of these people. She is a con artist who has fast talking sales people who will do anything for a buck. Her only place in the autograph world is to rip people off. Somebody needs to put her and Drew Max in jail where they both belong. 

Drew was fired from Pawn Stars and banned from EBAY. If EBAY bans you then you are in the scumbag authenticator category.

U must be really bad to get banned from ebay

I appreciate all the responses. All of this made me so ill I took a day or two away from my computer to collect myself.  I kinda knew where this was heading after the quick responses from Toby and this forum really reaching out to me..hopefully there are some steps we can take to get my money back.  I really appreciate Steve Cyrkin reaching out to me for some time on Sunday to talk about all of this and all of you painting a picture of what I am dealing with.  I was not sure what to expect when I started this post, but I am glad I did to get all of this feedback that is fact based (even if it is not what I wanted to hear) and not a bunch of hate/fear driven feedback and posts.



"...not a bunch of hate/fear driven..."

I think you've had enough of that from the source! Hope you are doing well.



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