"Dear Jared

Becket is run by Steve Grad if Psa, hobbyist certifies. My cert is from AAU, court certified, board certified forensic document experts.
I will ask Marc Goldman, president of AAU your number.
Thank you
Toby Stoffa
Antiquities "

How would you feel when your signature was kicked from an auction because PSA deemed it unauthentic and then got this from the seller.  I know they have got a horrible reputation but I thought they would honor their return policy, posted all over there site and business documents....but clearly they do not.  Please do not bash me for purchasing from this group, I know that is on me!  
However any advise of what I could do, other then eating the money I spent on it please feel free to comment. 

Also opinions of the signature are much appreciated!

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I am trying to sell it to cover medical expenses...I am on my last dime, and to find out I cant sell it...

I got the email today threatening me with lawyers and that I am a piece of s*** for accusing him of it selling a fake.  I do not understand with all the s*** online how no one has took him to court successfully if all the fraud is legit...

They figure first ur out of state second they can out spend u so I will cut ur losses

I will loose money to figure this out at this point...I either have a legit signature that I can sell or it is a fake and therefore it is a criminal case of fraud  

Yeah, that's how these types typically operate. They can't and won't do the right thing, so they resort to threats.


I may be able to help you. Private message me with your email address.

Antiquities, Toby Stoffa, and their authenticators AAU, GFA and the CEOs of those companies were sued a few years ago by Daniel Odobas for selling him what he claimed to be forged song lyrics and other rare music autographs for about $175,000 as I recall.

The lawsuit was dismissed and sealed by the court after a private settlement, and from what Daniel Odobas's brother said on this site Daniel Odobas could not to talk about it but was satisfied with the settlement.

I have a copy of the lawsuit, which describes the items sold, who authenticated them, and gave the certification numbers of the items. Ask me for a copy if you want it. I acquired images of the GFA certified pieces sold to Odobas by Antiquities.

I'll post all of the images soon so everyone can see them and and judge authenticity for themselves. 

Please post the threatening email if you feel comfortable doing so.

Dear Jared

Wow that was a rude and uncalled for letter. You are indeed working with a horrid group with the PSA and Beckett gang that actually lists in their annual report that they do not stand behind their opinion on autographs, and they attack good dealers like myself on the internet, while in fact they have tried to buy me 3 separate times over the years through one of their older divisions, Field of Dreams. I don’t name call you an extortionist for your slanderous letter or thief for the discount I gave you just because you are now wanting to sell something, and are reading cess pool internet gossip put on there by these people. They are the ones with all the lawsuits that they have LOST in the millions of dollars, and regardless of internet crap they sling at me, I have NO lawsuits in 35 years of business. 
I would have happily repurchased the excellent piece I sold you, because it IS certified by court, FBI, Law Enforcement and Board regulatory experts and in fact I DO have a AAA+ rating with the better business bureau, even on the cover of their magazine, while they have been in the D and even F category.  Antiquities has been the dealer of choice for Sharper Image, Macys nostalgia program, The MGM, The Osmond Family Stores and Branson Casino, Roy Rogers museum, sold for Dick Clark when he was alive, and supplied the late Jock Smith with ALL the items in the sports museum that was here in Las Vegas for years, which PSA endorsed because they did not know I supplied the historical pieces for that venue and in fact for the Johnny Cochran law firm which Jock Smith started with Cochran.
AAU is hated by that group because they were selected by the federal government to be the ONLY certification experts for the biggest bust of counterfeit items in American history, while PSA group was in walking distance from where the items were confiscated but our government would not use them.  And they are glad to go to court to defend their positions and opinions.
You want to start calling me names Jared, then do what you have to do.
You want to consign the piece to me, and I will likely have it sold in 30 days.
You want to try to force me to take it back through making that group happy by posting crap about a decent single owner American business against a vile massive corporation that has been sued for giving Blank certificates to Heritage and other auction houses, that is your choice and if so, you can contact your or my attorney - who is copied above.
Toby Stoffa
Antiquities 702 792-2274

I might of got angry but I do not feel like the email I sent warranted the response....

You have not given me an auction house that will accept Drew/Marc and their "AAU" authentication or any sort of solution to my "selling" problem. Lot of the internet points out that Antiquities and AAU are simply frauds and I have the emails to start to make a solid case of  this, you selling me a fake and now giving me the run around... I have had some patience....come up with some sort of solution for me. Let me know how I can sell this authentic signature based off of your certification...or is it an actual fake that I have wasted money on... and now you need to refund me?  


I love the conspiracy theory crap they spew - that's what you do when you have no actual defense. There's no animosity against legitimate businesses selling authentic pieces and doing the right thing. There's plenty of it toward sleaze like them. It has ZERO to do with any of these authentication firms or taking sides. Plenty of people on this forum don't especially like or respect any of them. But they know their stuff and can smell a rat from ten miles away.

Also, who does he think the name dropping is impressing. The Osmonds and Dick Clark got duped, so that commands respect? Please.

The mafia approach these guys employ is pretty telling in itself.

+1 for both posts Rich. Jared, I am sorry this is happening to you and wish you the best - on all fronts. :)




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