Hey all,

I came across this Chris Cornell signature on eBay. I am interested to know what everybody thinks.

It's signed on a black drumhead that says the title of his album "Euphoria Morning" on it.

The only thing that is odd is that the seller (ppwf2006)seems to specialize exclusively in pro wrestling signatures and memorabilia. I contacted the seller and asked how he came upon this item, and he said that he had a buddy who is a "music nut", who wanted to sell his collection. He also said that even though it isn't certified by the PSA, it will pass.

So what do we think? Is this legit?

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Hi Trevor,

As I mentioned - I have not seen a Cornell autograph. However, I can speak to quality in general - it is one of my areas of interest and endeavor. Personally, I do not like signed drumheads - they are like signed guitars to me - sometimes great but often a hassle due to size or cheap guitar/etc. Sometimes it is just bacuse they bring more as "signed whatever". I would suggest a well signed official promo photo, or other item such as a CD insert or some such. This drumhead looks rather plain. I know you want his genuine signature, but think about what is signed also. Most all folks at your stage will buy something quickly, and then upgrade when they see something better and know why it is better. What is the origin of Bjarne's postcard offered in the last thread? Have you seen that image before? That example had superb contrast and placement!

I actually contacted Bjarne about the image. While I'm waiting to hear back, I figured I would take your advice and still look around, trying to learn about his signature.

Although that was a great image, it's pretty small (only 4x6), and I can't help but to feel that there is something impersonal about a signed photograph.

For me, I'd much rather own an actual item. But like I said, I am new to collecting, and I am looking at this from a consumers point of view.

I should mention, however, that anything from Cornell I purchase will be for me only. I would never want to resell it.

Well, I know Cornell played the drums somewhere along the line but I have to think a signed photo of HIM must be less impersonal than a signed all white drumhead. But that is me - you must collect what you enjoy :) That is the fun of this hobby...the choices, apart from learning about the signatures, the signers habits and all the rest which some consider "work". You could start a thread asking folks how they feel about a signed drumhead vs a signed promo photo etc. and get a feel for what others appreciate. That is one of the great things about this group - you can ask first :)

may I suggest looking at his signature throughout his career and pick the one that appeals most to you

The 2 you posted are modern style 

that 4x6 from Bjarne is his older style

Just saying

A signed drumhead from a singer is a bit odd IMO

Spend some time researching before buying is my best advice

This one is authentic 

Ya that sticker is a real eye sore for me

Should be easily removed I would guess 



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