Hi guys,

I am a total newbie in autograph collecting, so I tought I'd ask for a few opinions. I saw these two drumheads, signed by Max Weinberg, drummer of Bruce Spingsteen and the E Street Band:



I am a big fan of Max, and these drumheads sure look pretty cool. However, I am not sure what to think of their authenticity? Both sellers sell a lot, which makes me a bit hesitant. The seller of the black drumhead claims to have collected the autograph himself, but he makes this claim for 85% of the items he sells. Who has time to collect hundreds of autographs himself? :-)

Maybe you guys can give some thoughts based on the pictures, or maybe some of you have previous experience with these sellers?

Thanks a lot!



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In the meanwhile, I had a quick opinion done by PSA on the black drumhead, they thought it was "likely not genuine". Unfortunately, they do not explain how they come to their decision.

So is there nobody on this forum familiar with Max Weinberg's autograph? Or mayby there are people with previous experience with the two ebay-dealers (graphfactoryauthentics and rockyourockyou64)? I did a search on the forum, and both sellers were mentioned once or twice, with positive responses.

Thanks for any help you guys can give!

I found another item, signed by Max Weinberg, this one comes with a PSA COA:


However, I am confused, because the exact same item is offered by another company on Amazon, but for a higher price:


How is this possible? Which of the sellers is to be trusted?



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