This signature is on a letter from 2021, which was a nice reply to a thoughtful and sincere letter sent to him.

I especially like the varying degrees of pen pressure in the first name, as well as the twist of the pen on the "n" in "Clinton".

What I am not crazy about is the long tail on the dot over the "i" in "Clinton".  I did, however, find a couple similar examples of that "comet" feature among some authenticated signatures.

I can't find any identical autopen examples, and this signature is not as large and smooth and rounded as most of his autopens. 

I will keep the letter either way, but I am trying to decide which binder to store it in: treasured mementos, or autopen reference.

Thanks for any opinions people care to offer.

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Personally, I don't touch anything Clinton-signed unless it's also inscribed to the prior recipient - much harder to fake. I'm a bit suspect on this - what letterhead was it signed on? The Clinton Foundation?

It's on his personal letterhead. 

It was a reply sent to me, so it's either real, secretarial, or autopen (forgery is ruled out). The content is specific to my letter so it is not a form letter.

It seems to compare favorably to the recent signed bookplates in The President's Daughter.

My gut says secretarial, but then again, we're still in a pandemic and a lot of political figures have more free time on their hands. Wouldn't surprise me if it was real.

its not secretarial its either authentic or autopen

Havent seen an autopen quite like this one so it may turn out to be a rushed authentic one

Thx everyone for taking a look and providing feedback. The various assessments mirror my own. 

I am automatically skeptical about presidential signatures.  I got a handwritten note once from Ronald Reagan and it still took a little time for me to convince myself that it was real.

As for Bill Clinton, I do know that his signature has become smaller and less smooth in the last few years. (I hope it's not an indicator of health issues).  I guess this example is probably within the range of what it looks like now. 

Thx again.



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