This seller has some pretty amazing vintage Hollywood autographs in stock, but before purchasing any I would really appreciate any thoughts or comments on how reliable this seller is, and on how authentic the autographs he sells look. 

He claims to be an "AFTAL" dealer, but I don't really know much about that association.

A million thanks once again;

Cris :)



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Mixed bag. Some good, some not. Proceed with caution. You can get some bargains if you know what you are doing.

Thanks Joe, I will

I was interested in Ava Gardner, Joan Crawford, Vivien Leigh or Sir Laurence Olivier. Did you see any problem with those??

I would avoid this seller. He recently has had 2 Freddie Mercury fakes, and he has also passed off a few fakes on me, as well as trying to pass off a few more. SOME of his items are good, but not all. If he doesn't have one you want, he will make one for you. AVOID....


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