Anyone else get conned by Pyramid Autographs AKA Encore Autographs on

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here who bought a fake autograph from Pyramid Autographs AKA Encore Autographs doing business on I returned the fake within 30 days of receiving after finding out it's a fake from PSA/DNA and I have yet to receive a refund. I may be out $150 but want to raise some red flags that these people are obviously con artists.  I've contacted the seller, pay pal and everybody says I am SOL.  Isn't it mail fraud to sell fake items by mail?

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John, you should be completely protected by PayPal. Why did they say you were out of luck? Did you pay by Friends & Family?

I didn't know I needed to open up a case or make a complaint about Pyramid through PayPal. I just packaged up the autograph with the PSA rejection letter and mailed it back to the Pyramid Autograph address thinking they would refund me, which is what they said they would do.

Paypal  Customer service rep in the Philippines said that since I didn't mail it through PayPal  there is nothing they can do since I didn't do it through PayPal then they aren't responsible at all.  This guy has a 30 day return policy guarantee and I got it back to him within 30 days.

I would think would hold its sellers to their return agreements. PayPal really letting me down.

PayPal's response is surprising. In any case, I think you have a good chance of getting PayPal to reconsider and honor their guarantee.

Did you know the seller was in the Philippines when you placed your order?

How was the PayPal transaction funded?

Great question, Mark. If John used a bank card with buyer protection to fund the PayPal transaction, he may be protected by that, too.

Has the seller confirmed it's back or does the tracking show this? As these guys say, if you paid via credit card you are protected and can do a charge back. PayPal are passing the buck here!

There is a tracking number and it shows that the fake autograph was returned to the Seller, who is not in the Philippines. The Phillipines is where Payal's customer service is farmed out to. The seller is in the States.

I did pay the Seller by Paypal connected to my checking account so my next move will be to call my bank today and tell them that Paypal, and Pyramid/Encore Autographs are all acting fraudulently.

I can't believe Paypal doesn't have my back on this. won't respond to repeated emails and I've been trying to contact them for a weeks. Pyramid/Encore won't respond and I've been trying to contact them for a month. And PayPal tells me there's NOTHING they can or will do.

Not only do I advise staying away from Pyramid/Encore Autographs, but I would also advise staying away from entirely. doesn't answer my emails and they don't have and internal resolution mechanism at all to control their con artist Sellers.

At this point I'm also wishing there somebody other than to do my online transactions who will take ownership when their customers find themselves dealing with fraudsters like I have.

Did you pay by regular PayPal or Friends & Family? F&F has no protection. 

You can also contact PayPal via Twitter.  Don't delay.

Contact them at @askpaypal

I took to Twitter with a rant that would make Kanye envious. It got Payal's attention and they have started a inquiry,  which if funny because PayPal's Cutomer Service Rep in the Philippines told me yesterday that PayPal couldn't do a damn thing. My bank will contest it if PayPal  denies it. Thanks for your support and the kind words Comrades.

Good stuff, let us know how Paypal rule, should be in your favour now so fingers crossed!



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