Seems to have an awful lot of good autographed material (music and otherwise) at great prices with many certified by JSA/Beckett

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+1 This reminds me of a bunch of "certified" Waters you showed along with authentic LP's some time ago that had the "...low to non-existent occurrence rates" of certain features. We kcan guess the PSA exemplar pool contains secretarials still. About half the current Gleason Facts Page is secretarial or forged. Just earlier I posted that any authentication does not affect my work, and the topic also came up, your "...advice..." - I am not sure this is a hobby as some would like. It is study and work, and I really enjoy it. It would take the fun out of it were I able to just buy things or names w/o learning the what, why, when how and all for myself, so I can see it. I'm paying for it ;) And it is study - I have been working on that Gleason thing identifying the secretaries for about 3 years now!

 I agree the detective aspect can be fun. But I think it’s hardly fun when it means one can be out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a bad graph. You also brought up the secretarials. That’s another big issue I have. If TPA are supposed to provide security, then why don’t they know about the secretarials? Why don’t they have secretarials as exemplars to compare against?  Why do we seem to know more than those we are paying? Beckett has wrongly authenticated a bunch of Schwarzeneggar secretarials for instance. That shouldn’t be happening.

I...never thought anybody but me placed my collecting interests first

And the wheels on the bus goes round and round.

Yes, there are lots of forgeries.

Yes, TPA services do decrease the chances of purchasing a forgery.

Yes, errors will always exist.

Yes, autographs is a hobby and big business.

Yes, there is no perfect solution.



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