Is this FDR or secreterial?

Thank you in advance

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I don't believe in it.

Best expert on FDR in this community is Andreas Wiemer .

Thank you for your input!

Anyone else is also appreciated

In my humble opinion this is not right. Too heavy handed, meaning slowly signed fountain pen.

Thank you for your input, David

I was thinking it was just the old ink bleeding out, but I may be wrong

Bryan, There are probably collectors with a lot better opinions out there. I have held a self portrait of F.D. Roosevelt for over 40+ years and the closest I have to authentication is someone at the Teddy Roosevelt museum saying to an auction house trying to do an appraisal for me is someone in the family did the sketch and signed it. The F.D. Roosevelt troupe will not confirm or deny anything. All the best!

Agree. FDR tended to have a smooth signature, not like that slow, over-inked example. I'd guess possible outright forgery rather than secretarial.



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