Any translation would be most appreciated! All I can say is Captain John Pritchard of the new Mauretania is shown on the Obverse, likely photographed at the end of September, 1907. Both his name and the ship are mentioned on the Reverse, shown below in large format when clicked. Beyond that...and yes, I have Pritchard's autograph too ;)

Thank you!

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Here is the Obverse along with some pages from the 1906 log of the Carmania in NY on her Maiden Voyage IIRC (lower left insert), a ship with the new turbines that would power the much larger Mauretania in the coming year. She would be the fastest thing on the ocean until 1929! For a little brief spurt in 1932 Mauretania actually hit 32 knots. The signature of Captain Pritchard is shown along with a photocard by Davidson's (upper right) of him on the bridge of his new command, the Royal Mail Steamship Mauretania, during her delivery trip up and around Scotland called North About, October 22-24, 1907.



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