Available for a limited time - get a hand-signed “WE” Analog Color Credits Poster + 3 cassette bundle from the Arcade Fire UK store. Count down timer running!!!


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I received some pushback from the Kontraband rep last night.  Big mistake.  I immediately reported them to my bank then sent a one-line email telling them in no uncertain terms what I think of them.  They couldn’t get the money refunded quick enough this morning.

I don’t even want the poster at this point.  I’m too busy a man to be messed about.

I'm surprised because my signed AF CD never arrived, and Kontraband sorted me out with a new one very promptly and courteously back when the album came out. I've always rated them.

I think the difference is, they had the product available then, so, even if they messed up your individual order, they could still dip into the pool of signed CDs they had in stock and sort you out.  This time around, they don’t have the signed posters, so all they can do is keep stringing customers along with false promises and hope you want the item enough not to cancel your order.  If you’re prepared to wait and be messed around, fair play to you.  With me, they came up against someone who refused to play that game.


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