US Store (someone can post UK and other links) out 6th May

$31.98 vinyl, 1 BLACK vinyl disc, 180 gram, in gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve, folded 24”x 36” poster, 4”x 4” sticker, and 5” x 7" autographed postcard insert

WE (Standard LP with Signed Insert) LIMITED EDITION | Arcade Fire U...

$13.98 CD 1 disc in 4 panel softpak, with 14 polaroid inserts w/ paper wrap, and 5 3/8” x 3 3/4" autographed postcard insert

WE (Standard CD with Signed Insert) LIMITED EDITION | Arcade Fire U...

today is getting expensive...!

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From my copy:

Top row: Win Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Régine Chassagne.

Bottom row: Richard Reed Parry, Jeremy Gara.

Thanks. This are like…their regular full


Underwhelmed, huh?  That’s understandable.  These are all pretty lazy signatures.

Régine’s is sometimes more complete, depending on how much room she has to play with.  I’m hoping the poster that went on sale in the U.K. a couple of days ago will turn out better than these postcards.

Not really if they sign like that, i mean its ok as long as they are not bums like Weeknd or Lady Gaga ;)

FYI, very similar to the signed postcard I got for preordering The Suburbs CD many years ago, 

that's just how they usually sign things, for better or worse

I purchased a signed “Funeral”

from a friend who chases bands for a living, but i got it in a deep storage so i havent got the chance to compare, thanks and glad to hear the signatures are fine!



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