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I'm not sure of their popularity now, im going to have to catch up with them.. i know this would have been huge 15 to 20 years ago

I looked thru their history and I liked them when Angela Gossow was the singer. She left in 2014.. might just pass on this one. Im no longer into death metal but the band, minus the singing, is still awesome

Alissa is a great singer. They also have Jeff Loomis in the band now. 

I'm not familiar with him or Nevermore.. so much to learn.. I love it!

I've been waiting for something signed by this band for a while. Handshake with Hell is really good.

thanks for the recommendation.. Im impressed.. i think I need them back in my life. I always listened to different types of metal back in the day for working out.. After just a few songs, im ready to hit the gym again.

Just came in today.. small postcard, a little bigger than 3x5.. signed in ballpoint pen.. pretty nice though



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