Hello everyone,

completely new to this site so please forgive me if i don't have this in right section.

I am looking for opinions on these two autographs.

First is Tiger Woods, it is from around the year 2000/2001. it was originally purchased from a company called Autographs of the world which was owned at the time by a reputable UK dealer Hamilton Bland. it comes with coa and is signed off by him.

Next one is a Michael Jordan again purchased at the same time but coa has been lost.

Would appreciate some opinions on these as i have no clue.

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Howdy Dub,

Welcome to the site. Unfortunately these two signatures are not authentic. I always hate being the first one to tell someone. Outside of Upper Deck, you will almost never find any Tiger or Michael signed photos.

Hi Harald, 

Thanks for the reply appreciate it. 

Just a couple of more questions before I break the bad news. 

Are you saying Tiger is not authentic because it's not upper deck or the signature is bad or both?

Tiger autograph was signed in 2001, he signed for Upper deck that year I think. 

Is it possible he signed that in the UK? 

Am based in that part of the world. 


Tiger did sign photos outside of Upper Deck. But they are incredibly rare. 90% of the signed non-upper deck photos are his IMG promotional photos of him kneeling with his putter. It's a studio photo. These photos date from 1998-1999. The other photos were younger photos of him from 1993-1997. The 93-97 images are more rare to find than his IMG promotional photos.

Tiger's contract with Upper Deck was actually in February/March of 2000. He stopped signing photos as of that date, maybe even a few months before. Regardless of location, he wouldn't sign anyone's photo. He's been known to not sign photos (outside of UD) and golf balls for anyone (including Upper Deck), any place, any time.

Again, sorry for the bad news. Always tough to find out that your collectible is a fake.

Ah I see no worries good to know appreciate the information. 

I'll break it to them gently. 

Thanks again. 

I agree with Harald, neither are authentic IMO

Very fake.



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