Ariana Grande signed "Positions" cd.

From what I can tell from the examples on Ebay, these look legit.

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I finally got this today after being in limbo for over a month. Great thing is I got it for free out of UMG. They just refunded me last Sunday. I had made a claim about a week before that. Did the same thing with Taylor Swift which after doing so I noticed it was finally picked up from Ferndale (30 minutes from my house) and is currently in Greensboro, NC on it's way back to Michigan. So if I do eventually get that one it's another bonus, and if not that's cool too because I already got my $ back. Since the tracking proved I didn't get them after being shipped several weeks before there wasn't any other option for them to take since there are no more to send replacements. Nice to finally get a little payback.

Got the Taylor Swift signed CD for free today.

Back in stock!

And sold out again...

Thanks For Letting Us Know It Was Available For A Hot Minute Today!

I think I am unfortunately not going to bother with her web store autographed items! After failing attempts to buy a signed CD last year, I finally got one but they sent me a CD that was NOT AUTOGRAPHED :-( :'( 

I also have a sinking feeling that they are not real, in that there's three or four versions available for sale. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK??

The positions ones were all real as far as I know. They're probably selling the leftovers they kept for returns or exchanges. It was the Bieber/Ari ones that were fake. If you got an unsigned one, email them and maybe they'll send you a signed replacement if they have any. 

The web store said there wasn't any replacements available at the time I was contacting them. :-( 

looks like they are back on again

It wont let me check out... Does it say store cannot accept payments for anyone else? 

Got this at first as well, but trying a few times worked for me.

Sold out again before I could get the check out to work. :(

this store can’t accept payments right now.



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