Arnold Schwarzenegger - Need help/advice with the authenticity on this one

Hi AML members, 

I need some help with the authenticity on this Arnold Schwarzenegger autograph if any members would be able to kindly help me, It failed a TPA's opinion. I had it mounted with a photo of Arnold when handing it over to be authenticated, since failing I have requested a refund from the buyer which seems to be absolutely no problems there. However, I am just interested and curious to get this right before actually getting a refund on the item in question and wanted to seek a second opinion on the matter. The buyer informs me that the signature was part of an album which had well over 100 signatures. They were obtained by a girl who had severe kidney problems which could be the reason why Arnold took his time more with this one,  on the back of the Arnold signature are 3 graphs from "Spitting Image" which I don't know about you guys but these absolutely scream authentic to me. Im in need of a second opinion here as I cannot see how somebody could possibly forge an Arnold this well on the back of the "spitting image' signatures? The autograph was in a mount and maybe they did not notice the autographs on the back of page maybe?  This perhaps could of swayed there decision... im not sure. The book in which this page came out of had graphs all from the 1980's so it's supposedly an early version of Arnold's signature, what makes the Arnold hard to compare with anything else also is that its quite unique as it has a doodle of a smiley face.


Hope somebody here can help who knows Arnold's autograph better etc.

Kind regards,


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I'm glad you asked before returning that. It's definitely real in my opinion, and a prize example to own!

Here's a similar one:

Thank you Steve for the input and help with this really appreciate it. I found a similar example to my one which seems close here, the picture is not the greatest though which does not help. hopefully some more members can chime in here and add to the discussion also :) 

Sorry, but I'm going to have to side with the TPA on this one. I don't think that this is Real, IMO....

Thanks for your input Tim, appreciate it!

I am very much leaning towards it being good. And a damn nice one at that. 

Put it this way, if it came up for sale and I was looking for another Arnie- Id buy it.

Keep it and be proud of it!

Thank you for your input

Regards Rob




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