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Back about 20 or so years ago Arnold used to have weekly auctions on his website for a signed photo to benefit a charity.

Here is my win that I paid $100 for (sorry for the bad photos taken through a plastic sleeve).  I assume it's authentic but I'd be interested in any opinions.

Thanks for looking.

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Based on my two Arnie autographs I'd say it's fake

Any other opinions?

So far we have one vote for "fake", which would mean that Arnold was selling forgeries on his own website.


This is interesting.. over 20 years ago, I received one like this in the mail (this is not mine, just an example taken from the web) I got rid of mine because the community deemed it secretarial way back then. Now, over 20 years later, I'm seeing this style being authenticated by PSA... this deserves more research. 

This one is secretarial.

Here we go, I found this old thread explaining the differences in detail. According to this, the one I let go was secretarial. OPs seems to be real


I really appreciate the effort. I'll spend some time reviewing the other thread.

This one (in the OP) is authentic. 

Looks pretty typical to me.  Rest easy, JK.

Thats a beauty, and a great photograph as well!



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