What do you tink of them? I recently purchased a guitar that was supposidly signed by all four memebers of Pink Floyd. I posted a photo of it here and was told they looked bad and also went through with three quick opinion servies online. All of which came back "Likely not Genuine" Art of Music will not accept these quick opions and will only accept someone with good credentials and someone that the court will recognize.

Can anyone recomend someone to authenticate this that is trustworthy and "court certified"


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Great news, Rob, and thanks for letting everyone know. BTW, did the guitar come with independent authentication, or just their COA?

Here's a link to your original post asking about the guitar, for those who didn't see it:


It just came with their COA.



As a former employee of Art of Music. I can tell u from my personal experience that 90% of what they sell is fake. I would not purchase anything from tbese frauds!! Also its waasaaaay over priced!!

Steven - Can you give us any insight into how the autographs come into the shop(s)? Are they all purchased from one "supplier", several, or are they all signed "on-sight?". If so, do you know of any specific names? How many times a day does someone call asking for refunds? Having experience inside of the operation your thoughts and comments would be extremely helpful to everyone interested.

Yes they would, please tell us more.


I don't recall ever seeing an autograph offered by Art of Music that I thought was genuine. But since you're claiming to be a former employee of theirs, I'm going to be contacting you to make sure I'm comfortable that actually you are a former employee. Not that I don't believe you, but just to be fair to Art of Music.

Hope you don't mind.


Who did you end up using to authenticate the guitar that was acceptable to Art of Music in order to prove it was a fake?  I'm actually going through the same thing right now.  (I just recently found out that a Led Zeppelin piece is a fake.  Eventhough I purchased it a few years ago, I still have the original packaging, the receipt, and their COA.)  I have no problems fighting them on this.  It cost a lot of money!


Did you get a refund for your Led Zeppelin piece?


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