This guy has 9 Tom Brady 8x10's he claims to have acquired at a card show. None of the pictures are great. Only certification is an SC original authentic hologram on the back of each one with a serial number. Anyway just wondering what your thoughts are on these.

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Better picture of the auto possible? I know it's rough going if a seller's image is terrible. If no one else here can definitively tell from these pics, maybe ask the seller for a scan?

The architecture looks right, but the fine details are lost in the sauce.

I'll have to see if he can scan, believe it or not these are the "better" pictures I asked for lol.

I should add he's selling all nine for $250 because he "desperately needs the cash".. red flag for me for sure, but I've had even better deals that turned out legit so some people just don't know what they have..

With an ebay sold item results search engine easily accessible to all, Ebay member or not, I don't think there's any reason to believe that the seller has a fairly good idea of what Tom Brady autos bring in the open, worldwide marketplace.

$250 for nine pieces isn't just a red flag. It's a red flare. lol

I'd say so.. I'll still get better pictures.. I've been buying and selling anything and everything on Craigslist for a few years now and some of the deals are outrageous so I'd like to not completely rule it out.

When did Tom Brady do a card show?  why can't the guy give you better pics?  9 brady signed photos for half the price of ONE authentic one?

I think that about covers it.  What about the one I sent you via PM?

are you trying to find an authentic Brady for like 50 bucks?  You will not find one ANYWHERE for under 300.  And even those are very rare.

I actually mostly do trades.. a lot to make money and some for what I want and I think it's more fun so eBay isn't too much my thing.. I'm mostly just looking for your thoughts on the signature though I did like that eBay listing. I just don't want price to be the determining factor here because if I always let that be what scares me away I'd have missed out on some sweet deals over the past few years

if the guy doesn't give you a better pic, then I would walk away.  the second one is close, but no way to tell from that poor quality photo.

Yea I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I bought those! What company is SC? I hate these no name companies with there useless holograms but people fall for it all the time on eBay. And please keep asking autograph questions as you really need the advice. Also if you want a real Brady auto expect to cough up some good $$
Did not buy it.. I'll make a new post when I get better pics

Glad you stayed away!  Did not look good



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