Hello Friends, Could You Kindly Let Us Know If This Audrey Hepburn Is Authentic & Genuine?


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No expert but this looks like it could be authentic

It looks authentic to me. There are some really good forgeries of Audrey, but if you think the seller is legit, I think this is a very good example.

Thx brothers for your kind help & effort
Is there any authentic examples?
Steve, you don't think it's authentic?
George, I'm sorry. I thought I was replying to the Adele autograph, but I clicked the wrong tab on my phone. I'm not that familiar with Hepburn.

Oh, it's allright. That made this topic is more interesting.

was asking on behalf of family member and he said JSA approved it

I think this is very close to some examples from the ones that have been recently sold by reputable auction houses.

This one is from RR:

This one is currectly at Frazer's:

And this one is being sold by Marcus Brandes 

I have a big folder of Audrey's autographs, that have been sold by different auction houses and companies, that I consider to be creditable. I can't remember the history of every single autograph, but IMO your's one is very close to many of them. A bit of mess on Hepburn, particularly on "e" and "b", but overall, I think it's good.

thanks, it was certified by JSA too. should my family member go for it? can you show us the best examples of Audrey's autograph you have in your archive database?



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