Hey friends of the Seventies ;-)

any thoughts on this ABBA autograph signed by all 4 members of the famous Swedish Pop Group from 1972-1982?

Thank you very much in advance!

My best

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These look very slowly drawn. I would avoid these.

Very shaky, all done by the same hand and not authentic in my opinion

Abba photo is a 100% forgery like all the items you posted -- and why do you keep questioning the members when they/we tell you that you have posted forgeries?  You keep asking for specifics about why the autographs aren't real -- but forgers do pay attention to this site and learn -- so members are reluctant to provide information to a new member they don't know. 

+1 and it takes a very long time and lots of observation to be even remotely skilled. "I can't learn to play golf in a day, it will take me at least a week..." - Ralph Kramden 1955

Hi Bruce,

this ABBA comes from a different source by the way... I am sorry - I didn't mean to hassle you guys. I am thankful for every opinion - although I have a hard time understanding why. I just want to understand.

It is quite a little "item looks a little strange -> bad fake" here...

And in the next sentence the very same person may say "but maybe I am wrong and it is 100% authenic". So what now?

Please forgive me, but such statements leave me confused.

But I agree I also absolutely do not want to help forgers. Since I am like 10 years old, I have been collecting autographs - in person, through the mail and recently by purchasing some.

So I am no fake - but probably this beautiful hobby has turned into a huge fake business taking away all the joy one might have with a new autograph...

Sorry - and no offense...

Good night

Much of what you have posted share things aside from being forgeries - shakiness, odd ink, odd deposits, hesitance, craziness (Madonna). Watch out for these characteristics, they are seldom if ever an indicator of anything good.

Hi Eric,

thanks for these tipps - I will be much more carful in future!

I guess I have learned my lesson...


Hi Markus,

the best thing I can say in this space is presume it is fake/facsimile etc. and prove it real - no matter source nor sticker nor story. :) Good luck!



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