Authentic or Fake? Could Someone give me their best opinion?

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Lucas, you are too old to be fighting online. Knock it off. I agree, with snippy stuff back and forth helps and solves nothing. I didn't raise you to speak to anybody that way. You represent your family when you speak. So change your tone, or dont speak.

Back on subject Charles O'Brailey so whats the deal with your cousins poster? 

Rob,  I myself am wondering if he is lying about "Getting the poster at the premiere".  I know he got it, because i've seen it..........BUT...........Now I question whether some forger at the premiere sold it to him or if he bought it off of ebay and pretended to get it at the premiere.  

After doing research on the autographs on the poster listed here, I have no doubt it is a forgery.   I have asked my cousin to come here and post detailed pictures of his poster.  We will see if it happens, if it doesn't then I must assume his whole story was fabricated.

ok cool. I hope he didnt pay much if he did


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