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Hello all,

Newbie here.

I have come across an autograph book owned by a relative that has recently passed. This relative, in her earlier years, had traveled all over the world. I have every reason to believe that these autographs are authentic, but would like to get opinions from the intelligent and knowledgeable community here. 

This autograph book contains over 100 autographs. I have attached 3 photos, the back of a card with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall's autograph. The front is printed with "The Sky Room's Famous Tropical Drink - Fresh Pineapple Daiquiri...", A paper taped in the book with Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle, and Elston Howard. And Yogi Berra, and Charlie Silvera's autograph.

Please take a look at the attached files and comment on them I would appreciate your opinions.

Thank you!

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Hi Lester,

Welcome to the Autograph Live!

Bogart, Bacall, Martin and Mantle look A-OK to me, so you’re looking good! I don’t know the other ones, but I’d be surprised if they were not real, based on the others.

The Skyroom could have been the Skyroom Supper Club in Long Beach, CA, on the southwest corner of L.A. County. It saw lots of celebrity customers into the 1950s.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I believe all the autographs to be unique based on the travels that our relative did. It's nice to hear experts confirm the validity of the autographs. Thanks for the info on the Skyroom. 

Steve that is an early Mickey too I believe. 

Sure is, Danny. Nice

Those autographs were acquired in October 1955.

Welcome - what a beautiful Bogart/Bacall set! My!

Isn't it, though?! While we going through her belongings, I came across these autographs and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw the set. Thank you for your comment.

I forgot Yogi Berra. He looks great too.

bogart and bacall are ace

Thank you!



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