Hey guys, 

Newbie here just trying to get something cool for my boyfriend for Christmas. Thought I found a reputable site for autographed memorabilia but after thinking about it I was doubtful and started doing in-depth research on values of full band signed albums....

How bad is it?

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There are some Authentic Items in the Buy/Sell/Trade section on here??

There are worse, Savannah, but it would take me a while to find them. I'm glad you asked here.

Where did you find it?

I fell for the awful MMP site. Should have known better but at least I didn't spend too much money on it (which again should have been a red flag)

Who else does the boyfriend like music wise members on here can point you in the right direction

We do listen to a lot of Rock....so Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, Beatles (I consider them rock although I know some consider them more pop), and Nirvana. 

I saw a Zep Hard Rock Park poster for sale on FB/RACC yesterday. It’s nice. No Bonham. 

have a look here to get an idea of reasonable market values on authenticated items. 


If your looking for full band signed items, Alice in Chains and Nirvana are your cheapest bets... and the others... well... let's just say your talking about a wedding present item haha

Try to get your money back Savannah. 

I am definitely going to do so! It's terrible that a site like this is able to come up with a verified Google Ad making it look more authentic than it is! 

I emailed the seller now...fingers crossed

Surely you Paid with Paypal or a Credit/Debit Card. Just File a Complaint with them and Return it. You shouldn't have too much trouble. Best of Luck.

Email these people and tell them you are returning it! You might want to spend a bit and send it back with tracking as sometimes these things suddenly disappear in the mail to protect yourself.

+1 on Ian's comment. I once bought an etching by Nelson Ethelridge that I found to be cleaned and one-folded and "restored". I had my shipping refunded - both ways. It should never have been sent. It was nothing but hassle.



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