Hi Apple fans,

any feedback on this Steve Jobs autograph?

Thank you so much in advance!!!

Wishing you a happy day

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There's not a chance that it's real in my opinion.

Dear Steve,

many thanks for taking the time to evaluate the Steve Jobs! I had a look at this autograph study: which I find quite interesting.

And - please forgive me - although the probabilty seems to be low, I think I see quite a lot that matches the description of authentic Steve Jobs autographs.

I have to admit, though, that the final "s" does not look typical - but the rest...?!?

Kind regards

Not authentic. Finding a Steve Jobs autograph on a photo is almost impossible. He disliked signing autographs and rarely did so.  I have his autograph on a piece of paper and it was a small fortune. If you happen to find an authentic Jobs signed photo, expect to pay in the vicinity of $5,000.

Hello Harald,

you are certainly right that a Steve Jobs autographed photo is very valuable, if not even "the most expensive in the world right now" according to this source: (derived from Paul Fraser).

Congratulations for your authentic signature. You don't believe how I would love to own one, too... ;-) By now, I only have the one above...

The photo above is said to have been signed in San Francisco at a Technology Convention in Feb. 2010...

Do you see any special letters/characteristics that reveal that it is not authentic?

Many thanks in advance

It’s not even close.  It’s fake.  Looks like signed yesterday.  Plus with a paint pen.  Plus a dot Over the “O” in Jobs..  it’s complete rubbish..  


The entire signature is off. There is no flow to the signature that one could expect from Steve. The letter formations are way off and looks much too contrived. The S is to squished together and from the way the S ends, I would expect a significant hook on the "t" following it. But here we have a slowly drawn and methodically signed signature. The J is atypical and doesn't look like any J I've seen.  Steve would never dot the o in his last name. I would also like to see a signature from 2010 to have a much lower start to the S, and his last name would mostly be signed underneath his first name. The signature also appears to be too small as whole. If Steve signed this photo in such an unrushed manner, I would like to see the signature higher up on the photo, with first over last name and a bigger signature. Not to mention the problems outlying the signature itself that I noted above.



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