Authenticity Check: Simon and Garfunkel, Dustin Hoffman, Katherine Ross, Anne Bancroft signed The Graduate Soundtrack = FAIL

This is from eBay seller probstein123:

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I agree with you on that.

It’s currently at $2,244 + BP. The BIN price before the PressPass eBay listing was ended was $1,499, and it sold through probstein123 for $763.


These are both very good forgeries, but neither are authentic IMO. I’ve gotten Simon and Garfunkel in person numerous times, and I’ve never seen the “P” connect with the “A” in Paul like it does in both of these examples. I’ve also never seen Garfunkel end his signature the way both of these end.  Good attempts, but I don’t believe they are authentic. 

Devon.  You then would be the one to ask.  Can you post here an example or two of authentic Simon & Garfunkel signatures.

Happy to, Joseph. The signatures on the Bookends LP below were both obtained by me. Notice that the P and A in Paul do not connect like both examples posted above. Also, the signed Graceland LP (also obtained in person by me) does not have the connecting P and A either. Both Garfunkel signatures below were also obtained by me and both end with the L on a downstroke. This is not present in either of the examples posted above, which both end with additional ‘humps” after the L. 

Thanks Devon.  I've been watching and following this thread since it first began and everybody thought the signatures were forgeries but good ones.  Some even backed them but mostly didn't like them but I just couldn't visualize with an authentic set would look like but now I can.

My pleasure, Joseph. Glad to help. The more authentic examples we can all see, the better we all get at spotting the bad ones!

Thanks, Devon. That’s a really nice collection.

Happy to help, Mark.  Hope it’s beneficial. Thanks for the kind words also! 


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