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Peyton Manning, Brian Urlacher, and Mike Alstott Autograph authentication

Looking to buy all 3 helmets from a local collector.  He has COAs from Steiner and Mounted Memories, but they’re 20 years old with no verification code.  I tried verifying and comparing to other autographs, and there are a lot of similarities.  I’m new to collecting, and I’ve heard horror stories about the level of counterfeits out there.  Any chance these are authentic?

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I’m thinking about buying all three helmets from a local collector.  He has COAs for Manning and Alstott but they’re allegedly 20 years old, and don’t have a verification code.  One’s from Steiner and the other is Mounted Memories.  He also has photos, but that could be from any random signing.  Any chance that these signatures are authentic?

I think the Manning is good.

Thanks for the response!

Manning and Urlacher look good IMO. I'm not familiar w Alstott.

Thanks for the response!

The Manning looks good. And comparing Alstott to some of his TTM sigs (he charges $10-25 so I assume those are real) I think the helmet is good. I don’t know Urlacher. 


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