Hi there earlier this year I contacted Tony Smith Phil Collins manager and requested and autographs from Phil. I received a reply back saying that he was on tour with Phil and he would have him sign something for me soon. I'm just wondering if the autograph I received was indeed signed by Phil. All the other recent autographs I've seen people receive have been the same publicity photo that is pre signed. Mine is a completely different photo plus mine is personalized to me. All the other people that I could find the requested autographs from Phil recently never received a personalized autograph. So I'd appreciate any insight on whether or not this is a legit hand-signed autographs from him. Thanks

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100% legit.

Apart from anything, Tony Smith of Hit & Run is a straight shooter and bans secretarial stuff being sent out. Therefore you contacted the right person at the right time and got the real thing - well done.

Thanks for input. I appreciate it. 

For me, it looks real, and very nice! Congratulation.

A few years ago, I´ve send an autograph request to his office, Face Value, my favourite PC-Album.

I got it back, unsigned, but a nice pre-signed:


Very nice photo! Great stuff!

Here are a few I got last year - which as you see matches the handwriting. Actually he is very shaky now, rumours say he´s got Parkinsons, so that explains the way he signs, especially "on the street". Both of mine graphs were signed when he was sitting down - he barely moves now, sadly... Still he is amazing live - his concert was one of the highlights for me last year!





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