I just awoke from one. I have insomnia and when I finally do get to sleep, sometimes after quite a stretch, I am rather vulnerable to overtly realistic dreams. This one I have a few times a year. I hate this one. Again, in condensed form, I am there in NYC at a Roger Waters concert, someone steals my tix, my album, my book and my Sharpie, leaving me stranded. I see a friend who gets me backstage, with nothing to sign or sign with. I wind up at a bar, having emptied an account to get cash, while frantically searching through multi-level malls and Rite-Aid type places looking for Sharpies (none) and vinyl shops during the intermission looking for albums (none) and  - there is David Gilmour drinking a beer, amused to death that I am missing the Waters show and honestly not crying that I am with him and have no pen or paper, rather happy to point it out actually. There were, for some reason, 18" x 18" blank flats on the bar (it's a dream) - I grab one and he smiles and decides to do something really cool like a drawing or musical notation and...the pen doesn't work. The next pen doesn't work. Now he is tracing over what he started, there are no more blank flats and I start to realize I am not getting back into Waters. I woke up here - something terminal happened to the one flat I had. I remember walking around trying Manhattan to find my orientation with a tattered unsigned copy of Animals without the LP. I hate this dream and every variant!

Do you have this sort of dream?


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Gotta be careful with that stuff!

You are right Paul. Frankly, I am surprised it is OTC -  it can have a profound effect on some people.


I'm sure the dreams are somewhat enhanced also.

"I'm sure the dreams are somewhat enhanced also."

Not as much as...some 1960's posters! ;)

(just poking a little fun :), truly)


Sweet dreams bud!

Thank God I do not actually dream about autographs! Mercy, there's plenty of nightmares aka fakes seen everyday in the waking hours. I do have a Martin Luther King, "I have a dream" sequence though. That all these people blowing their hard earned money on bogus stuff, wake up, and invest in the honest people of this fine hobby. Yes, I know, but we all can dream can't we?

I've had a similar dream - twice! And both times it was Paul McCartney.

Console yourself with the fact that David Gilmour wouldn't have signed for you anyway :P

Hi Ger,

I know and I do, but it was a darn dream, he could have! Aren't dreams supposed to fanciful? ;) Oh, this is a nightmare thread...right.



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