Throughout some threads when we had some civility between the force and the dark side of the force as in good discussions and focus as much as one can muster... a good deal of information can be learned by collectors.

Some might remember the running debate on Farrah Fawcett and Charlies Angels.  Even Mr. Bill chimed in and Mueller appears to nail it on the head that it was not her signature.  With all that name calling and back biting I did very little other than to inform the Autograph Store of my dissatisfaction. 

Recently, in my Secretarial Thread It appears that a Dick Van Dyke Show with Mary Tyler Moore & Dick Van Dyke based on commentary appears to also not be authentic.  I have advised Autograph Store repeatedly with regards to both and more dissatisfaction.

thus to be made aware is to be advised.

I am sure this is going to be an expensive lesson but I will be posting the acquired inventory early in my quest...for commentary.   The Mary Tyler Moore & Dick Van Dyke above was obtained from Anthony Nurse's BTB and the Charlies Angels AS.

There will be more to come for commentary in the next few days!


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Sounds like you are suggesting I begin chanting in latin and join the singing monks while hitting themselves on the head with a two-by-four on this one.

LOL, not at all, I have absolutely no idea about this or any modern Hollywood signed stuff.  I really just loved the movie!

Again, wouldn't touch.  When I deal with contemporary it's from signings, or people I trust who sell to competitors who also offer their material.  It's always refreshing to vet and verify and have others in the business as long as me do the same and we are on the same page.  Four eyes are always better than 2.

and Robert Redford;

Not secretarial but still scary.  I just wouldn't buy this because I don't like the signature.


On Page 8 you said:

Steve-  Than why attack me or hold a grudge against me?  I do the same.  I HAVE NEVER EVER WRITTEN ANYTHING BUT UNDER MY OWN NAME AS WELL!!!!!

Show me evidence to the contrary.  It doesn't exist.  You and Roger's grudge is against others, or a ghost but should not be with me.  Both of you are mistaken and confused and attack innocent people and honest dealers for reason's I suppose as you stated that you think or assume I or others are people we are not.  I can't apologize for this mistake by both you and Roger.  Grudges against the wrong people is just not acceptable in any court of law and this is a problem you two need to address, preferably with me.

And I said:


Please, I didn't attack you. I said I understood where Roger was coming from. But for you to say that you have never written anything but under your own name is to deny the obvious.

You replied:

Steve-  I have never written anything but under my own name.  If you feel something "obvious" exists please share it.  I don't like blogging.  I don't have time for this.  Please let me know what you mean because I just don't do nor have done what you suggest.  

Todd, if you've never written anything but under your own name, how do you explain this screenshot from ANL where the user "Insightful" answers a question "LovetheMarlins" asked you, in your voice and in first person, about the Todd Mueller Autographs database?

Click to Enlarge:

How can Todd truely say he didn't write this.  It's a person describing in perfect detail how to go through his own site to find information.  It's written in the first person.  It even has a some wording that I have heard Todd say before "since you can't get your head around it".  Pitiful

now that the dust has settled here is a current offering of Huey Lewis and one from Mike Aring that he obtained in person.  Can you figure out which one?  If the current offering isn't to your likely there is always Georger Harrison or a mere $299 for Jefferson Starship.  btw, the one on the left is Arings.



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