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Hey guys just wanted to know if anyone else has bought from autographs rock and pop they are UACC and AFTAL dealers but Ive also been reminded lately that even these places sometimes make some mistakes


here is the site




any opinions on there items is appericated as I have bought 2 items from them in the past.




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No opinions on them ?...

Their U2 stuff is typically crap.  I've seen a few different types of forgeries from them, so I'm guessing they just don't know their stuff - at least in this area.  Years ago, I asked an other wise good, well respected dealer where they got a clearly forged U2 item, and it was from them.

This in particular on their website is atrocious.

ykes...great seems everything ive bought overseas has been questionable lately First the Michael Jacksons now at least concerns from this place I got an Elton John and Lady Gaga from them would you be able to help with those Rich



I'm not saying that everything they sell is bad.  But they definitely have some bad inventory.  As far as what their areas of expertise are, I'm not sure.  At least one legitimate dealer I talked to thought they had a good reputation and were surprised that they bought such a bad U2 forgery from them.  Maybe U2 is just an area where they are especially poor.

I'm afraid I have just about zero knowledge of Elton and Gaga.  But I'm sure some others on the forum would be able to help with them if you posted images.

They are certainly no experts in Don Henley´s autograph either...


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