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This was apparently $64.99 then $100 now $149. Still could be a decent deal for a signed vinyl cover 

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I still believe they are holding 200 to 300 more. We shall see

Quick search on ebay shows 63 listed already and only 4 sold so far.. good luck with that resellers. If any hit auction, im guessing they could be had for $80 to $100 if you are patient. The market for these will be flooded for a long time

I agree. These don’t have the resell value. I think this item was exclusively made for the die hard fans so they can have something memorable, and of good quality.

My guess is that out of the 2000 available, maybe 250 of them were purchased by resellers that you’ll find on EBay. The rest will be kept and cherished by the original buyers: her fans.

Just updating this because I find it interesting. Ebay is up to 143 listed and only 7 sold. You are right about this being for true fans but I actually think there will be more than 250 on the market overall. We dont know how many sold for the initial $65 but possibly a few hundred

Not sure when these came back, but I was right. Currently 187 in stock. 

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