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It seems that the EU/UK stock is back, at least it shows "signed" again

I have seen these back in stock 3 different times on the Canadian site but they sell out again before I have a chance to post. if anyone is still looking then keep an eye on the site because they may add more.

Crap! I missed it the first time…

well like I said just keep checking it, I'm not sure if they are canceling orders or what but they seem to keep adding a handful at a time. 

Have you noticed the 3 times stock the same day or different days? thank you. I was buying it now because it was in stock and while i was purchasing it, it was removed from my basket and told me out of stock. its the second time it happens to me and i am so angry

it was 3 times today, I saw a post on Twitter a couple of days ago that they did a restock in the U.S. store but they were sold out again by the time I saw it. I have a feeling they are canceling duplicate orders which would explain why they are being added back a few at a time.   

thank you so much. i will be checking it. Please if you notice about it again tell me! Did they restock it very often or in very few hours? I mean if the restock you saw was 3 times in an hour or maybe one time at 17:00 and the second time at 20:00.. etc

probably about 2 to 3 hours apart, I have a shortcut saved with the links to her U.S., UK, Canadian and Australian stores and check them frequently. will let you know if I see it again but like I said, each time they sold out before I could even post about it so check as often as you can.   

Was it 1 per person? 

Not sure about the Canadian store but it didn't show a limit on the page

those who missed out may want to keep an eye out on her website because she just posted this on Instagram

Her US website updated to saying “signed Art Card”, which is crazy because so many US EBay sellers pre-sold a “signed CD” listing for $100+….For their sake, I hope a signed cd arrives… or else they’ll have a bunch of angry buyers to face. 



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